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A cozy whodunit in Care Bear World


Out of my solitary retreat in this harbor of coziness is born the story of those who inspired me.

(In French, for the time being)

They present us their own favorites in the blog below.



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Alex is looking for his Shangri-la.

When he clapped eyes on the camel hair socks, Alex couldn’t help smiling. He closed the trunk containing what remained of his material assets: this exotic souvenir of his photo report in Mongolia, —a gift for Lucie who is extremely sensitive to the cold—, his professional equipment and some belongings.


His house had been destroyed by a fire and the person behind the bombing had sent a thug hunting him up to his hospital bed. Without his old friend Angus’s help, he would’ve felt in an equally desperate situation than had been the last weeks Edgar, the mind-reader dog that he just contributed to saving from being put down.


As it happened, his new canine companion, who already didn’t let him out of his sight, was looking over to him insistently. “Let’s go, buddy! Time has come for you and me to make together a fresh start.”


A tribute to Benji from The Disney Wiki.

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"Mieux voir, mieux vivre" with Patrice Morchain.

One of David Austin's creations.

When the beautiful Shropshire Lad adorning her garden begun to wither, in response to the dreadful illness that was eating her up, Adèle realized for the first time how much she had messed up her life.


From now on, she applies herself to learn the lesson from this astonishing demonstration of empathy and relishes each moment in sheer mindfulness.

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Louise, a wannabe Kate Daniels.


A heroin who’s scared of nothing, that’s what Louise, a modern young woman, expects from a good urban fantasy novel. Just as she’s keen on deliciously crazy universes born of a wild imagination. Ilona Andrews tandem never disappoints her.


With her sword, Slayer, Curran her half-man, half-beast lover and her loyal Grendel, Kate Daniels personifies the righter of wrongs that the mum-to-be would crave to become, while trying to bring some serenity in this world via her creating a holistic health center.

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Capucine au Chat Bleu


Capucine is five years old. Her dream is to become a vet in order to nurse unicorns, her current passion.


For the time being, she contents herself with following young donkey Trotro's adventures, nestled on the sofa with her darling dog, Bijou.


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Since the start of his career as a burglar to his current activity as a half-reformed con man, Bernard, alias Huggy, has always had a weakness for romantic comedies.


Of course, without a woman in his life, he’s quite lost. Unfortunately, those whom he would like to charm, are beyond his reach.


He comforts himself in checking out beautiful actresses. But, at the faintest suspicious noise in his flat, he draws his gun. His worst nightmare would be that cops find him bumped off in front of “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.

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As regards idols – singers, moviemakers, authors – Audrey had an awful lot of infatuations. Then, while committing herself in creating her charity devoted to protecting old, disabled and rejected animals, she understood that compassion is the hallmark of human greatness.


Be it the produce of the Matrix or some other genesis, humankind counts more and more soulless arrivistes who are mere heaps of organic matter with no encephalogram activity – as if sound minds were out of stock -. So, meeting a person who still owns this spark is always comforting.

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Chainsaw carving


As soon as Alice found out on the Internet that chainsaw carving could give a dead tree a new lease on life, she immediately took advice from Paul, a friend who is a horticulturist.


Convincing Adèle to have her favorite, already hit by lightning, apple tree, cut down would be no easy task. But in this season of regular storms, Alice was concerned about her mother’s safety.

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Zooplus, the cats' favorite online shop


Berlingot's review :

As any cat worthy of the name, I don’t admit just anyone in my home. In fact, my favorite visitor is the delivery man. And for good reason : parcels are often filled with treats, toys, delicious food pouches and they even occasionally contain delightful surprises such as a radiator bed or a cat flap.


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Estelle's shabby-chic


Estelle is a sweet pain. Selfish, a Missis know-it-all, rather shallow, she would go for anything in order to be the center of attention. Even her friends sometimes find her insufferable.

As for her love life, since she left the only man who sincerely thought he loved her, it’s a mere series of wrong picks.


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Ernest recommends the "Sanctuaire des Hérissons"

Ernest thought he would live a happy life in this orchard. But then, there has been this hellish din and blades gouged his flesh.

Some kind soul brought him to the "Refuge du hérisson" where he was well taken care of but, as he's been seriously maimed, he stayed there and became its mascot.

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