Food for Soul

At times, life seems to become a burden. Sorrow and dejection are overwhelming and you feel depressed. In these moments, little attentions, beauties of nature, inspirational readings or encounters can help you feel better and regain peace of mind.



Chicken Soup for the Soul

The universal remedy for melancholy.


Who does not know this series of books ?

Since the publication of the first Chicken Soup for the Soul, a best-seller as well as a social phenomenon, more than 250 titles followed, offering moving and inspirational texts.


HCI Books, the original publisher, was the only one to believe, initially, in the authors' - Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen - concept to share true stories coming from ordinary people.


Want to know the secret ? Simply enjoy and communicate happiness.


French translation by Quebec publisher  Béliveau Editeur.


"Changing Your World One Story at a Time"


Isn't that a great motto? Wanna take part in the adventure? Submit your story ! Stories about cats and dogs are currently being collected - deadline for submissions is January, 31, 2017 -. This is a personal, selfish, request since I especially delight in reading those.


A mix of emotion, empathy and devotion, the's philosophy already emanated from Jack Canfield's enthusiastic appearance in the other Secret.


Il also supports altruistic projects such as the programs of the Humpty Dumpty Institute.


It may even incite you to drop official media's disinformation and become instead addicted to positive journalism.


Have a pleasurable reading experience !