Gentle Paw Revolution

What does Gentle Paw Revolution consists in ? Well, it's the sum of the positive actions generated by unknowns who, like you and me, protect all living beings without expecting anything in return. Let's combine our forces and together we'll obtain more and more changes.



Gorgeous pictures of animal / kid complicity come from great site :

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Let's carry out revolution one step at a time for a better world.

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California, noble hearts' refuge.

At a time when everyone mobilizes in answer to Trump's erring ways concerning Alaska,

see petition on

California tends to confirm being a great place to live in.


After banning trade of animals issued from intensive breeding in several cities' pet shops, thus allowing rescued cats, dogs and rabbits to be adopted,


See Peta's article


California takes healthy measures and prohibits fur sale.

.See FurFreeAlliance's article

A welcome response to the inanity of fur as firstly prodtitutes', then old bags' and nowadays dummies' attribute., Audrey's refuge.

As regards idols – singers, moviemakers, authors – Audrey had an awful lot of infatuations. Then, while committing herself in creating her charity devoted to protecting old, disabled and rejected animals, she understood that compassion is the hallmark of human greatness.


Be it the produce of the Matrix or some other genesis, humankind counts more and more soulless arrivistes who are mere heaps of organic matter with no encephalogram activity – as if sound minds were out of stock -. So, meeting a person who still owns this spark is always comforting.

The Ultimate Form of Altruism

Those who see no further than the limit of their ego consider taking care of animals as sentimentality.


Yet it does not require a superhuman comprehension effort to conceptualize the fact that witnessing any living being's martyrdom is unbearable.


Protecting the most vulnerable of vulnerable beings is the ultimate form of altruism.


This act of compassion is performed by the persons who see further than their own interest and, consequently, don't care a damm to please others.


Cultivating empathy is a source of serenity. Isn't it notorious that Matthieu Ricard, the author of A Plea for the Animals is also known as "the happiest man in the world".

Worried by the absence of animal protection in French presidential election, Matthieu Ricard supports the NGO collective, AnimalPolitique.


Because bulls are such a pleasanter view when they are happy like this one, rescued from the arena.


Voting can be something else than slide your ballot paper in the box and wash your hands of it.

So, OK, being Matthieu Ricard, Mandela or Gandhi is a full-time job. But carrying out the Gentle Paw Revolution merely consists in doing what you think is right and it also has the power to eradicate wantom cruelty.

Growing older together, till the end.


So that last years of pet lovers' lives won't consist in merely waiting for death coming, deprived of glorious loving presence of their cat or dog.



And to prevent their pets from being abandoned or even killed when they could have made the most of these last years, together.


Pets should be accepted in nursing homes.



Advantages are numerous, not only for the elderly but for our society too.

A society that too often seems eager to get rid of them.



Whereas, as you can see by clicking on this image, even a temporary collaboration between animal shelter and nursing home brings gratifying happiness on both sides.

Toward the end of useless suffering

One more step forward. Power belongs to us. : just by boycotting cosmetics, cleaning products and other Lipton teas that relish in animal suffering.


While waiting for "scientists" to favor human model - if only to avoid humans becoming themselves victims of beta version meds shamelessly put on the market -