Shabby Chic

Refined and cosy, shabby-chic allies the appearance of antiques with the softness of whites, ecrus and pastel colors.

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Estelle's shabby-chic


Estelle is a sweet pain. Selfish, a Missis know-it-all, rather shallow, she would go for anything in order to be the center of attention. Even her friends sometimes find her insufferable.

As for her love life, since she left the only man who sincerely thought he loved her, it’s a mere series of wrong picks.


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In fact, she’s a fragile woman and her emotional instability finds an outlet in her exquisite taste regarding interior design. The sunroom of her house is an enchantment.

The refined shabby-chic atmosphere of the cozy cocoon hardly let you imagine that its creator can be one of those little bullies who pollute our daily life. It’s a pity she hasn’t been able to remain a child at heart!

Rachel Ashwell is the high priest of shabby chic.

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Following, for instance, her quest of beauty in the Los Angeles flower market.