Past lives' records

Each time our current life ends, buddies and I spend some time in Shangri-La to revitalize ourselves. Time to frolic, have fun and... write the mission report concerning the human we took care of.

Accounts based on the moments - sometimes comical, often moving - we shared.

Oops, I feel contrite. As you know, I'm the muse of this site and, as I've got friends all over  the world, Cathy, my current protege, writes this english version to reach my buddies  thanks to their humans.

Sorry, for the time being, extracts of Shangri-La's records are posted only in french.

Dartagnan et le chat frappadingue

Dog, cat.. each pet is the soul that allows a house to become home.


When, with his human, Alfred, my buddy Edgar met Louise, the young woman immediately identified him as the reincarnation of Dartagnan, a dog she knew in her childhood...


Shangri-La's Leaks - Rouky's second chance.

Fortunately my buddy Rouky's story is one that ends well though he didn't have the time to fulfill his mission to help his human. The older man was admitted in a nursing home and Rouky ended up in an animal shelter.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the devoted persons that take care of us in shelters and via charities as well as anonymous ones who won't look away when they encounter some hurt, stray or abused animal. You are simply wonderful !

Ask Rufus - Rouky's neighbor at the shelter who tells us his story -. He totally agrees with me even if his situation is presently desperate. Well, don't worry for him, his arrival at the shelter will finally be the opportunity to make a fresh start.


Shangri-La's Leaks - Philippe Delmas Mission




Here's my friend, Gandalf.

Sometimes, our humans went through a lot before our coming into their lives. Then our presence is their reward.


When they met, Philippe had been fighting his demons for years and he had lost himself. Gandalf came at the right moment since he devoted his whole carreer as a police dog to find missing persons.


Berlingot - Adèle Augereau Mission

I told you I was the muse of this site.

Where do you think Cathy found inspiration for the post about chainsaw carving ?

I recently heard that Adèle, one of my proteges, died peacefully, sitting in her orchard, with a book on her lap. I then decided to pay tribute to this magical art and had a look at the records.

Well, I must admit that maybe I was influenced by the fact that the sculpture represented me...

Here is the account of our encounter - illustrating how a little furry thing can teach you to open your heart -.

Followed by the incredile gift Alice gave her mother to celebrate their reconciliation. I love being a guardian angel !