Berlingot & Co.

 Berlingot ! SHE named me "Berlingot", like the candy, because I'm stripy. Well, it will do. She could have opted for Pumpkin, Zebra, Tiger, Snail or... Candy Cane !

Anyway, each time I reincarnate, I usually get a new appearance and a new name.


We, pets, adapt willingly to the lifestyle of each human we're asked to take care of. Indeed our mission in this world consists in making sure that he or she will get his/her due part of unconditional love.

Buddies first.

I really feel at ease, here. The human I'm in charge of is nice. House and garden are a great playground.

Icing on the cake, buddies come to see me and regularly we jaunt together at night.

Well, as long as we don't fight. Even me - Little Buddha-Cat as my human calls me - I reckon that some of us occasionally go too far. But let me introduce you to my friends :

Shadow is my best pal. He's a bit nuts and even sometimes badass.

But I like when he crashes at home. We could play fight all day long.

Little minx, Miss Bliss.


None of us finds favor with her. Opono and her are bosom buddies but she regularly rebuffs him.

Except when she plays boot-licker to bum our treats.

Opono, ermmm... he's awesome.

He's older but also, and above all, he's a shaman reincarnated so... Respect !

He usually choses to appear under the guise of a one-eyed tomcat. SHE nicknamed him "my scruffy cat". And when she talks to him, there's so much affection in her voice that I always thought it was the tenderest of loving words.

When he's around, Shadow and I, we don't show off.

We also change our appearence occasionally There are so many humans to help that sometimes we double up jobs.

But when Opono transforms himself, it may be frightening. Look at that, two days ago, when we monkeyd around next to His Majesty. It scares you stiff.

Pff, SHE claims I'm a chatterbox and suggests that I tell the story of my life on another page. As if I was not the muse of this website ! Well, at least, she promised to create for me a Facebook account titled CoolCat Berlingot. That's great.