Happy Encounters

Some people radiate benevolence ; their mere presence makes you smile.

This page is dedicated to nice persons I was lucky to meet.



"Mieux voir, mieux vivre" with Patrice Morchain.

One of David Austin's creations.

When the beautiful Shropshire Lad adorning her garden begun to wither, in response to the dreadful illness that was eating her up, Adèle realized for the first time how much she had messed up her life.


From now on, she applies herself to learn the lesson from this astonishing demonstration of empathy and relishes each moment in sheer mindfulness.

Adèle would've been well advised to attend Patrice Morchain's training course "Mieux voir,  mieux vivre".

Patrice is quite a character: enthusiast, good-hearted, he goes all out on these weekends. He unrestrainedly offers his experience as well as hints and tips for a better life.


In fact, Patrice Morchain is above all else a survivor. That’s while reading “Love is the Key”—a title perfectly summarizing his philosophy—that I decided to attend his training course, convinced that it aimed at much more than mere vision improvement, even in the figurative sense.

And I found what I expected: the sharing of experience of a man who, having overcome the ordeals of life, opened up to a new dimension.


Find out the source of these ordeals, defuse the time bombs of our own making, the message seems obvious but it’s really comforting to find in its demonstration the corroboration of what our intuition tells us.

helyogos.com, Patrice Morchain's site